The God Secret

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The God Secret

On Earth as it is in Heaven left the most important questions of all unanswered;

Why was the pattern put down?

What is it’s significance?

Most of the ancient sites in the pattern date from a time prior to Christianity. This implies that the pattern was an ancient Celtic pattern. If that was the case:

How could the positions have been tracked so accurately?

What was happening at that time that would have brought the constellation into significance?

To answer these questions it is necessary to look at what was happening in the heavens. Early religious belief was formulated at the time when stars were bright and the movements of stars and planets were thought to be mysterious and spiritual and even sacred.

The key to understanding the pattern and its significance lies in an appreciation of basic astronomy:

The earth wobbles like a spinning top. It is a very slow wobble and circle that the wobble makes, takes 25920 years to complete. During that time the pole position (the place in the sky around which everything appears to revolve) moves slowly from one constellation to the next. Currently it lies near the star Polaris in the constellation of Ursa Minor.  Around 3000 BCE it was entering the constellation of Ursa Major (the Big Dipper).

The Egyptians called this constellation ‘The Thigh’ and one can see from the ceiling painting at the Temple of Denderah that they beloved The Thigh to be at the centre of the Heavens.

The significance of the constellation is confirmed in The Book of the Dead, which tells us that it is the place the Gods wait to make their judgement. It calls the seven stars; The Imperishable Stars (the ones that do not set below the horizon when the earth rotates each day)

Ursa Major

The direct connection to the first God King Osiris can be found in the Temple of Sennedjem (Servant in the place of Truth). Here we are able to connect key points in the wall painting and the regular pentagon emerges around the face of Osiris.  Other incredible alignments occur which illustrate that this painting is one of the most significant pieces of artwork to have ever been created.

·      The line from the tip of Osiris beard through the centre of the crown divides the frieze at the top of the painting in the golden ration (1.618)

·      The pattern of the Seven Stars of Ursa Major and its extensions cradle the eyes of Ra and Horus. (Which confirms the temple writings and tells us the location of the wings of Isis)

The constellation of Ursa Major represented God to the Ancient Egyptians and the many shapes that can de drawn in the stars in and around the constellation are the shapes of God and the sacred aspects of God in all its guises.


Nut – the mother goddess in the shape of the cup of the constellation

The Book of Revelation

There are over 300 nouns representing 300 places, things or events which are common to the Egyptian Book of the Dead and The Book of Revelation. The words ‘seven stars’ appears five times and from the evidence of the rest of the document, we are confident that this ‘seven stars’ alludes to the principal seven stars of Ursa Major (The Big Dipper)

At the time that Revelation was written, it was common for documents to be structured using Isopsephy – a system where a numerical value is attributed to each letter of the alphabet. Each word has the value of the letters in the word and each sentence the value of the words in the sentence. The same system was used in Hebrew and was named Gematria.


When the numbers are attributed to the Greek words in the Book of Revelation (an illustration of the first few words is shown here) something extraordinary is found. There is one phrase in the book whose total value is 25920, which is the number of years it takes the circle of poles to be completed.

This phrase is; four living creatures full of eyes before and behind; and the living creature the first like to a lion and the second living creature like to a calf and the third living creature having the face as of a man and the fourth living creature like an eagle flying.

The four shapes/creatures can each be found in the principal stars of the constellation of Ursa Major when viewed at the four quartiles of their 25920 year revolution around of the pole of poles.

Of course it can be argued that there are so many stars in the sky that it is possible to draw any shapes anywhere. What would not be possible is to draw all the shapes mention in Revelation in the same place.  Below are the names of God as mention in the Book of Revelation – many other shapes including the calf, the sickle, the sword, the crown, the Alpha and the Omega. the tabernacle, the cup and the tree are illustrated in the book.

Here we show the names of God; They have over  them a king, the angel of the abyss, name to him in Hebrew Abaddon and in Greek, name he has Apollyon.









The Tarot

The central elements of the tarot depict elements that are common to The Grail mysteries and The Book of Revelation. The origin of the Tarot is unknown but it is thought to have emanated from Egypt.

In 1909 members of the Golden Dawn published the Waite-Smith Tarot. The four Aces of the pack clearly duplicate patterns found in the constellation of Ursa Major and illustrate clear links between the Tarot and some underlying mystery that incorporated The Grail myths and which link directly to the Book of Revelation. The four Aces are illustrated here alongside that pattern that can be found in the stars in and around Ursa Major – each of the four represent the position of the constellation at the two Equinoxes and the two Solstices.

Ace of Pentacles
Ace of Swords

The seven principal stars of Ursa Major make the hand and the sword extends into Corona Borealis – the Crown

Ace of Cups
Ace of Wands

The Great Pyramid

The pharaohs believed that they would be transported to the place of judgement and heaven in the stars that surround the constellation of Ursa Major. The ultimate tomb was a duplication of this heavenly location in the form of a tabernacle and a shrine.

The Great Pyramid

Adam and Eve

In the God secret we illustrate hoe Satan is incorporated into the patterns of the stars of Ursa Major when it is upside down (at night) from the God pattern as it would be in the day when it is hidden by the light from the Sun.

We show how the 25920 year circle of the Poles can be split into 7 sections and that one of these sections represented the sixth day of creation when the Adam and Eve story was enacted.

All of the characters of the story are visible;


Eve formed from Adam’s ribs

The tree


The apple in Eve’s mouth

Eve giving the apple to Adam

Adam’s nakedness

Adam’s banished from the garden to till the soil of Earth

There is no doubt that the constellation of Ursa Major (The Thigh) was at the very centre of the Ancient Egyptian belief system.

Osiris, the first God King of the Egyptian Pantheon was the same person as Adam and Isis the person we know as Eve. They were the ones with the blood link back to the beginnings of creation.

The links to The Book of Revelation and other mythologies give a clear indication of a strong link between Christianity (as we have inherited it) and these Ancient Egyptian beliefs. This leads to questions concerning the nature and existence of God as we know him/her/it today. If the God we talk about is the same one invented by the Egyptians based on their interpretations of star patterns then our ‘beliefs’ must be called into question.

At the same time, the Adam and Eve story can now be shown to be an interesting interpretation of patterns that can be seen in the ‘heavens’. Because of that, the reason for God ‘sending down his only son’ is eliminated.

The story that the arrival of Jesus Christ, the so called ‘Son of God’ was to eradicate the stain of the ‘Original Sin’ committed in the ‘Garden of Eden’ becomes invalid. This in turn invites us to put the entire Jesus Christ story under the microscope.

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